Need a Quick Fix For Your Damaged Tooth? Get a Same Day Dental Crown! [Infographic]

You can get a dental crown in one visit with CEREC at Brookpointe Dental

Imagine being just one visit to your Kennesaw dentist away from repairing that damaged tooth? Now, with the convenience of a CEREC dental crown, your dream is a reality. Walk into the Brookpointe Dental office and walk out two hours later with that broken, damaged, or decayed tooth replaced. Same Day Dental Crowns in Kennesaw are one of the best things about Brookpointe Dental.

Sound too good to be true? Let us educate you about the latest dental technology used by Dr. Eric Duncan to ensure your experience is as fast, easy, and pain-free as possible.

CEREC technology is only available in the most advanced dental offices. This new one-visit crown technology adds greater convenience to the process of getting a crown. The waiting time between your procedure and when you get your permanent crown is eliminated by CEREC.

What is CEREC technology and how does it work? Find out more in our Same Day Dentistry infographic.

View our CEREC Same Day Dental Crown infographic from Brookpointe Dental

Why Choose Anything Else but Same Day Dental Crowns?

Now that you are aware of the incredible benefits of a CEREC dental crown — the convenience of fewer appointments, no temporary crowns, and no messy impressions — are there any reasons not to choose same day dentistry?

Dr. Duncan has spent thousands of hours of continuing education from prestigious facilities to ensure he provides the best care individually suited to your needs. Different situations may warrant different types of crowns, but CEREC provides distinct advantages:

  • strength — made from a single block of quality ceramic porcelain makes the crown considerably stronger
  • durability — CEREC porcelain expands and contracts with cold and heat as your natural teeth do which is why they can last for many decades
  • natural looking— as an experienced cosmetic dentist he can ensure the correct coloring to match your other teeth
  • biocompatible — avoid sensitivities or allergies to metals

The dental bonding using ceramics can return 93% of the original strength to a damaged tooth, therefore this advanced technology can also be applied to crowns, onlays or inlays (fillings).

Experience Same Day Dentistry in Kennesaw for Yourself

As a leading Marietta Cosmetic Dentist, serving Kennesaw and surrounding areas, Dr. Duncan is committed to making your visit more convenient, enjoyable, and healthy. Now, with CEREC same day dental crowns, you can come in for a restoration and walk out with the job done the same day.

Schedule an appointment with our team of friendly, caring professionals at our 5-star Kennesaw dentists office by calling 770-974-7188 today! We can’t wait to meet you.

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