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Comprehensive Dentistry: The Key to Your Family’s Best Dental Health [Free Infographic]

Take a holistic approach to your oral health with comprehensive dentistry in Acworth

Good health makes us feel younger longer and happier more often. Sadly, it’s usually only with time that we appreciate the value of good health. Do you wish you could tell your younger, laid-back self to take better care of your dental health? The good news is that with modern advances in dentistry, it’s never too late to start improving your oral health. You can help your family experience the best dental health possible by learning about the comprehensive dentistry techniques practiced in Acworth by Dr. Duncan at Brookpointe Dental.

How can taking a comprehensive approach guarantee your smile lasts a lifetime? What preventative measures can you take?

What is Comprehensive Dentistry?

The goal of comprehensive dentistry is to identify the root cause of a symptom and fix it before it causes more damage. Instead of just patching up a problem, a comprehensive dentist will take a broad, thorough and extensive look at your mouth. By identifying problems before they become bigger issues it will prevent more expensive treatments.

A comprehensive approach will combine these three aspects of dentistry to provide a total solution:

  • Cosmetics: to improve the appearance of your smile
  • Function: to ensure everything is working optimally
  • Biology: to identify and treat oral conditions that could be affecting your overall health

How does comprehensive dentistry work?

As an example, imagine on your comprehensive exam, your dentist exams your bite and discovers premature wear on certain teeth. His follow-up questions to find additional symptoms and causes may include:

  • Do you experience headaches when you wake up?
  • Any new tooth sensitivities?
  • Does your jaw click or lock? Are your jaw muscles tender?
  • Do your teeth bleed when you brush?

The answers to these questions will help your dentist determine the treatment you need to avoid future root canals, periodontal gum therapy or dental crowns. Many do not realize that there is a direct link between your oral health and your overall health. Many diseases, like oral cancer and gum disease, can present symptoms only your dentist will recognize.

Comprehensive dentistry includes preventative measures like brushing twice daily

How does preventative care improve dental health?

When you visit a dentist who is truly concerned about you, your hygiene appointments will you and your dentist stay on top of your oral health. Regular cleanings and check-ups are important, but our holistic approach at Brookpointe Dental starts with following proper hygiene habits to prevent problems before they happen.

Here are some preventative measures you should consider:

  • oral hygiene — brushing and flossing at least twice a day
  • fluoride — small amounts of fluoride in toothpaste and mouthwash as well as treatments at dental offices strengthen teeth and prevent tooth decay
  • regular dental visitscleaning and exams every 6 months is recommended
  • sealants — a thin coating over chewing surfaces for children
  • diet and lifestyle — avoid sugary foods that cause plaque and tooth decay and smoking and chewing tobacco that contribute to gum disease

What are the benefits of comprehensive dentistry?

To help our patients learn more about comprehensive dentistry, we have created this free educational infographic.

Download our educational infographic about Comprehensive DentistryFree Infographic: Why Comprehensive Dentistry Makes Sense

Click HERE to download your free copy to see how comprehensive dentistry:

  • Takes less time out of your life
  • Costs way less than traditional “drill & fill” dentistry
  • Prevents dental problems from arising again or ever happening at all
  • And guarantees a spectacular smile for a lifetime


Dr. Duncan — An Acworth Dentist Who Really Cares

It makes sense to find a dentist who cares about your entire health, not just your teeth. It’s never too late to start on your journey toward good oral health and educating your family about how to achieve it.

“Dr. Duncan and his technicians were very pleasant to meet and walked me through all the options I have available to me to begin my treatment. I am now very comfortable and informed about the work I have to get done and I know exactly what is going to happen step by step. You also, get a step by step walk through of you entire mouth. They were extremely thorough!”
– Frankie T.

Are you looking for a comprehensive dentist in Acworth? Dr. Duncan is accepting new patients and is here to care for the dental needs of the entire family. Schedule your appointment by calling (770) 974-7188 or requesting an appointment online.


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